A Better You!

Do you ever wonder what makes the greats so special…how they got to their level of mastery?

So often, we look up to excellence like it’s a magical thing; something that was destined to be. Something to observe from afar…

The truth is…greatness starts out as a simple decision; an ordinary, unspectacular individual deciding that he wants to be something more, that there is more to life than sitting back and watching it go by

And so begins the process

Day in and day out dedicating yourself to a greater you

Dealing with the bad, relishing in the good

Refusing to be discouraged even though your goals are currently out of reach

It isn’t an easy road, and that’s why most people quit. They can’t see the big picture. From its base, the mountain appears too tall.

But greatness is about more than the top of the mountain.

It’s about every step you take, every rock you climb from the bottom all the way up

Without appreciation for this process, you are missing the defining ingredients of success

You have to love what you do, thrive on it. Greatness is a product of passion.

This makes the climb tolerable. It allows you to set small, achievable goals as you work your way up.

And the combination of thousands and thousands of these small victories together is what will propel you

Know that results don’t come immediately. Understand that you can’t be the best without acknowledging the journey

The top of the mountain is not what creates excellence. It’s everything you learn, everything you pushed through on your way up. The top is merely reinforcement

Throughout the process you’ll have created a new you; someone who understands what it means to fight through adversity, to set goals, to believe in yourself.

These aren’t things we just wake up with.

They are learned. Fought for.

Just like a muscle, they exist, but without a specified emphasis they mean very little. They must be grown

Transform yourself. Transform the way you look at life.

Greatness is waiting for you. It comprises every ounce of who you are.

You just need to decide whether the sacrifice is something you can endure

Are you one of the few who will put it on all the line, look back on your life, and say you gave everything you had…That there isn’t one regret?

Being how short our time is on this planet, I certainly wouldn’t want to live any other way.

Today is a gift. Not only to enjoy and cherish the opportunity you’ve been given, but to start your journey towards something new.

This very moment is an opportunity to move towards a better you.

To eliminate regret and live the life you were meant to lead.

A year from now, looking back, you’ll be thankful you did.