Are You Stuck Being Average?

In this video, I want to share with you something about being an average. And, I’ll give it to you through a parable as usual. This parable is kind of sad, but that’s real life.

Once there was a king and this king was really loved by his people. Why? Because he was very wise. And, it happened that this kingdom, this city, uses one well as a water source. One of the knights comes to town and put something inside the well and says, “From now on, anybody who drinks from this well will become mad.”

So, little by little the whole city got impacted. Everybody in the city just went crazy. And, you start to hear people talking between each other. And, they all started to be very aggressive towards the kind, saying that the king is different, the king is this and the king is that. Basically, they got to the point where they wanted to overthrow the government and get rid of the king and be done with him.

It happened to be that in the king’s palace, they also were running out of water and he sent his guards to get some water from the well and actually also tasted from that water. And, as soon as the king tasted from that water, he was also infected by this water and became like everybody else. And what happened, everybody in the kingdom loved the king and everything was back to normal.

Kind of said, how that applies to us is that, a lot of times in our life, we strive to get better and actually kind of making it, but then peer pressure comes, people talking and we try to fit in and we basically lower our standards just to be admired by everybody else around us. And, a lot times, you also come across with people who surround themselves with people that would make them feel good, who give them compliments, who support them, and their ideas.

So, there is no striving forward towards something great anymore coz basically, you are just trying to fit in and stay the way you are, and obviously, we don’t want to do that. We want to break away from being an average and go to the point where we are becoming somebody more, who can give more to more.