Change Your Life – Motivation for 2016

We all have dreams and goals in our lives.
Most of those are never achieved.
The question is WHY?
Why we get settled with where we are now?
Why we agreed to be like everyone else?
Why are we OK with being an average?
And OK with just having enough to get by?

I hear people say: I don’t want much.
I just want my bills paid.
I just want to be comfortable.
Where does this mindset come from?

At some point in life we wanted to climb mountains.
Achieve Success.
Have a great lifestyle.
Feel fulfilled.
But very few people really get there and live there.

Obviously obstacles and challenges come up.
Something does not work out.
People become frustrated and overwhelmed.
In addition to all these: fear comes along.
Fear of failure.
Fear of the process
Fear of dreaming again.
Those fears disable us.
We stop.
We stop trying to go out there and fight.
In other words, we are disappointed.
We become mentally disabled.
We start to think that we are not enough.
Not strong enough, not reach enough, not smart enough, not skillful enough.
We dwell too much on our failures.
We make it so horrific.
We give up.

The challenge is not to give up.
Life does not have to be this way.
Refuse to stay where you are.
Decide to step up and change your life.
It is really your choice to change your life.
It’s OK that you tried and failed before.
There’s no one out there who succeeded without failure.
To get anywhere in life we need to master the skill of failure.
If you think about it well enough, you will realize that most of your skills were acquired at the time of dealing with hardships.

So, evaluate where you are.
Get clear.
Take responsibility to change.
Evaluate each aspect of your life.
Is your body great?
How’s your health?
What about your career?
Or maybe spirituality?
Or your finances.
What needs to be adjusted?
What could be done differently?
If you don’t see what to change?
Raise your standards!
Then main point is to get rid of things that do not work.
Introduce what works.
How to find? Not so complicated.
Find people who already did it.
Find those who already concurred it.
Decide to do the same.
Try new approaches.
Set new benchmarks.
Take small steps to get you small wins.
Build your Confidence back.
If you don’t see instant results, be patient.
Be positive!
Be persistent and you will see it come through.
You will get better and better.
Know, that challenges will always be there.
Decide that no matter how tough it will be, you will make a step towards growth.

Forget about what happen to you.
Past failures do not make you a failure.
Failures will still be there but you will deal with those differently.
You will use those as your new knowledge, as new experience which will help you in the future.

So, believe.
Push forward.
You can do it.
Don’t stop.
Don’t ever stop.