Do Not Cover Up Symptoms

In this video, I want to share with you something that I experienced with my friends couple of days ago at a dinner. We had a very interesting discussion about how people usually focus on results instead of the core, the roots of the challenge or the issue.

And, we were talking about how, for example, somebody who was constantly dealing with lawsuits are trying to give of their tickets, that they’re hiring an attorney because they went on a, didn’t stop at the stop sign. The other day, they were speeding and then they were caught without seatbelt.

So all of these are the outcomes, and the outcomes, cause them to spend money and deal with those. It is unnecessary headaches. We talked about how, if the person would only try to follow and cool down about his driving and rushing, and not stopping and being more responsible would stop the unnecessary outcomes.

So another analogy would be if somebody who is good computers even if you are not experienced with computers, it would be a very obvious to you. But say, I ask you to bring me a document that you wrote and when you printed that document, I looked at the page and I see bunch of misspellings and I see missing sentence, so something doesn’t make sense. You take the wipe out and say, you know, no problem, let me fix the mistakes.

You fixed the misspellings. Do what you need to do. You are giving me a fixed document. And then, somebody else approaches you and says, can you bring me one copy also? You print again and obviously the same error is up there and you would fix it over there too. So you could master the skill of fixing things but it’s all unnecessary work and you would still be producing the same document with the same errors.

So instead, why not go into the computer, adjust the document inside of the computer. Save it as a new file and then print it or already printing it the right way. So where I am going with this basically? Every time, we are doing something in life, instead of trying to deal with consequences, why not go back, analyse it, see what is really causing the issue. Fix the roots. But even with speaking of roots, when the tree is not nurtured correctly, there is fruits. Fruits could be not as sweet, not as juicy. Instead of trying to deal with the actual fruits, why not nurture the roots?

Another example would be actually, I am thinking about it now. The medicine. Everything out there in the pharmacies, most of the medicines is to cover up symptoms. So somebody could have a headache and they take couple of pills of Advil and thinking like, you know, my head doesn’t hurt anymore. I am okay.

In reality, you are not okay. Just because the symptoms are covered up. You are still having an issue inside or somebody who is on diabetes, trying to take 10 different pills thinking that his sugar is under control, in reality should go back and re-evaluate, what is my nutrition? Why am I not eating right? Maybe I should also go exercise. Maybe I should do other things that would improve the lifestyle and actually fix the issue from the root and neve deal with trying to cover up the symptoms or deal with the results and so on.

So anyway, the whole message was that we should really make an effort and not trick ourselves thinking that I am going to take some kind of shortcut and fix the result. Instead of fixing the results, go to the roots, fix the issue from the beginning and make it permanent so then you never have to produce the results that you don’t really want or have to fix.