Get Out of Limiting Beliefs

In this video, I want to talk about mindset and the belief system. A lot of us don’t proceed forward in life because of the limited beliefs that we have. We are all blocked by invisible walls and we are afraid to move forward. We might say, who am I? I don’t have enough skills. I can’t really make a difference. I am very insignificant. It is very important to break through this mindset.

You know once, there was a boy walking on a shore of the ocean and he sees a lot of starfishes on the shore. And he sees this old man taking one starfish at a time and throwing it back to the ocean. He approaches this old man and says, “There is millions of them here. How can you make a difference?” And the old man responded, “Maybe I cannot make a difference for all of them but I can make a difference to this one. He takes one and throws it to the ocean. And this one. And this one. “

So we got to start somewhere. And a lot of times, it is the small things. Start making a difference in small things. And you don’t even notice how you are making a difference in the bigger scale. Another parable that I heard that was really inspiring to me and demands action from us is there was a man who was looking around himself, around the world, and he sees so much suffering. And he turns out to God and says, how long this will continue? How much more suffering people should take? God, why don’t you make a difference? Do something about it already.

And he got a response. The response was, I did. I sent you. So that parable really talks to me and actually snaps you out of your limiting beliefs that we place upon ourselves. So let us go out there. Start making a difference. Start small and it is going to get bigger, bigger, until the whole world will be transformed.