How News Effect Your Life?

In this video, I want to start with a joke. There was an elderly couple that was very friendly and they got along with each other really good. So they have been asked, what is the secret to a happy marriage? So the wife responded that once they got married, they made a decision. They both agree that she would be the decision maker on small things and the husband will be the decision maker on big things. So they have been asked, can you give us an example?

She said, sure, not a problem. The big things are world problem, country, business, all kinds of issues that has to do outside of the house, that is husband’s. Anything that is smaller, that is within the household, she is the decision maker. On one hand, it is funny but on the other hand, it is kind of true with a lot of families. Where I am going with all of these you will see. Because I think mostly men fall into this trap with news especially I was one of them. I made a decision recently that she will see what I’ve done.

See, most of us got so hooked on what is going on in the world that we don’t even notice how we become less sensitive, we become less patient, we become very tired emotionally and physically and we don’t even realize that the news channels, the media, we see recently what happened in France, and we see what is going with the Isis. It is happening in the world. So all these we take, we introduce it into our daily life.

We go out there and we talk about it. We spread the news. We provide solutions. We critique. And instead of being productive, having a happy life, we waste unnecessary energy. So what the suggestion is in this case and that is what I did for me I cut down the news completely and if someone is not able to do that yet, at least try to cut it down in the morning because you don’t want to set the tone for the day. So cut down the news number 1.

Number 2 is when you go out there and you post on social media sites or when you go out and meet your friends, try to cut down on the gossiping about those spreading the news, critiquing, complaining, blaming and so on.

And number 3 is try to surround yourself with positive people that knows the values of life. So little by little, you would basically meet them, you would influence each other in a positive way and you will not even notice how your life will transform. And think about it, if you just do that at least for one week, you will already see the difference. You will have a totally different intention with each day. You will see more positive things in life and basically, cut down all the garbage from your life and push it away. And to try out as much as possible the goodness that is out there.