How to Deal With Hardships?

In this video, I want to talk about our attitude when certain things happen in our life and we believe that life is not treating us right. In other words, life sucks. A lot of times you hear people in this position, they, basically say that, my life sucks, “what happen to me is terrible”, “I’m devastated”, people say being depressed”.

And it’s actually wrong thing to do, to generalize. The best way to approach this type of think and which will help to get out of this situation really quick that number 1, we need to identify which area of our life is hitting us hard… what exactly are we are experiencing, is it financial distress, is it losing a job, is it breaking up with a girlfriend, or is it having problem in a relationship. Whatever the situation is, we should really never get down and identify what’s going on.

Now, no. 2 is we need to ask ourselves “What role did I take to bring myself into this situation?” For example, somebody is overweight, hundred pounds and they are kind of feeling down and they are kind of losing hope, depressed, thinking that, Oh, I can never get out of this place, but they can. As soon as we narrow it down, okay, I’m hundred pounds overweight.

Now, how do I get myself there, because you didn’t just end up there just like that, somewhere along the way we started to deviate and little by little, add all this weight. Now, the same way we can’t get out but the pattern is to change. So as soon as we realized what role did we take, “we’ve been eating wrong, we didn’t have proper schedule, hanging out with wrong people, wrong places and so on. So, as soon as we identify the role, the things that we did, we need to actually write all those down and decide that certain things will change.

Now, we need to also evaluate. No.3 is what information is being fed to us. Everything we see and everything we hear is how we get all the information in our head. Basically, we make conclusions based on that so decide to change all the information that is not being supportive and actually digs deeper hole for you to and make it harder for you to get out of it.

So change all that surround things, change all that information that is giving you basically through your ears or through your eyes, read proper material, inspiring material, motivating stuff that gives you energy. Go out there and look at the videos of people being, showing themselves as success stories before and after how they did it. Basically, find out about their approaches. The more knowledgeable you are about it, your enthusiasm, your attitude towards that will change.

So once again, we said to identify the area, no. 2: what role did we take, no. 3: evaluate everything we see and hear and actually change those and no. 4 is our surrounding, our environment. Environment is making a huge impact on us. For example, with the same person that is hundred pounds overweight.

He should really evaluate his environment, his home environment, work environment, his friends, what’s going on in his kitchen, what kind of friend he’s hanging around with, if they are dragging him into fast foods and he is being pressured to go there and eat all the stuff, it’s time to change your friends. Unfortunately, that would be the cause; they are not being right influence on you.

If you don’t want to let go of your friends, you basically will stay where you are. It’s very hard to get out when your environment is not supportive. It might be a requirement to go out and actually find yourself new friends who are more athletic, more into fitness more, into eating more nutritious food and basically having totally different kind of lifestyle because little by little, he would transitionally become like one of them. So again, narrow it down, identify what’s your role, change what you see and hear, and change your environment.