In this video, I want to share with you how we could increase our energy level each day.

No. 1. Get enough sleep.

I know a lot of you say, duh, common sense. Yeah, common sense but most of us don’t follow it. Actually, all of the things that I will mention today, most of us already know. But we don’t do it. Maybe we are not as aware and the whole idea of this video is to emphasize this even more and actually bring it out of us, that awareness and the feeling and the action so we would follow through and get this energy level that we want to. So going back to no. 1. Enough sleep. 6 to 8 hours is more than enough. For healthy individual of course. Anyone who is not healthy please consult your doctor. Now, sleeping less than 6 hours will have an impact. I don’t believe it would be positive impact because it will show in your patience, in your frustration, in your pushing that extra mile to get that success that you are trying to achieve. Sleeping more than 8 hours is not required so it will also have an impact but more on the subconscious level. Sleeping more than 8 means that you want to sleep, that pleasure that you cannot push away. So if you do that, that way, you will do everything else the same way. You know, what they say, anything is how you do everything. So if we are trying to enjoy and have pleasure in this when we don’t really have to, we will do the same thing everywhere else, at work, it could be using social media sites to have a nice conversation with someone or watching a movie or an extra movie. So that enjoyment will actually have an impact in all aspects of our daily routines. So again, 6 to 8 hours, that is more than enough for you to get that energy level that is required.

Now, number 2, is wake up early.

Some people might say, I really wake up early. I wake up at 6. Maybe you wake up at 6. I used to do that also, wake up at 6. Deal with the kids, getting family ready and even though you are on time, at work and everywhere else where you need to be, it doesn’t mean that you wake up early. When I say wake up early, that means, earlier than 6. Wake up at 5. Or maybe even 4. I strongly believe that once you start with 5, that is what happen to me, eventually you will upgrade to 4 because you will see how much things you get accomplished before the whole world even wakes up. That confidence that boosted to get that energy level, it is an impact to your day. So wake up early. In no means, it should be at the expense of sleeping enough hours. You should not sleep less than 6, remember. So that means go to sleep earlier. Personally I go to sleep around 10 and I wake up at 4. 6 hours is plenty.

Now, the next thing is, the third thing is hydrate. Once you are ready, walk up, hydrate yourself. Get that water inside your system for 6 to 8 hours that we slept, we didn’t get any water. Now, most of our body is water and we lost some water while we were sleeping so to get your energy going, your body going, the blood flow, we need hydration. So get a glass of water, very important. And throughout the day, we should drink at least 1 gallon of water. Maybe you will run to the bathroom a lot but you are getting all those toxins out of your system. It is good for you.

Now, no. 4 is actually go and exercise. Take a walk or shower. Personally, I go to the gym. I rotate. One day do a work out, second day I am doing cardio. What does that is actually oxygenizes your body and your blood flow. And all the toxins will actually go out of your system. So hydration combined with workout or cardio, gets your system to the mode of where you got those endorphins you got the energy the confidence, it is actually I believe the fastest way to get to excited about life is actually do some kind of exercise. It could even be stretching or Yoga, whatever.

Now, when you got your energy going, your blood flow, your oxygen, you oxygenize your brain, you are ready to get some input into yourself. And, I mean, information. Information like personal development. I strongly encourage to spend at least one hour a day, preferably, in the morning to set the mode for the whole day, to focus on personal development. Written by a number of successful people or look at some productivity tips and some other ways that people manage their time better. That knowledge actually gives you energy. Consciously or subconsciously, you become more aware of what to do and what not to do throughout your day and try to implement whatever you learned.

Now, you are ready to face the world. I mean you want to wake up your family or if there is no family, now you can actually have a breakfast. When you have a breakfast or lunch, dinner, or snacks, throughout the day, you want to make sure that it is loaded with nutrients. It is according to science, 25% of calories is required for brain so personally what I do in the morning, I try to have the things that are really beneficial for the brain like oils, right? So I do avocado, nuts, walnuts, almonds, cashew, so you get that boos that you don’t need to eat a lot of food to sustain yourself. Our food is like a fuel. You get nutritious food, it digests better, faster, you don’t have to spend so much energy to digest your food. You have extra energy to use throughout your day. And, you actually feel lighter and more energized.

Now, the next couple of things, not traditional but also extremely important. I believe almost everyone of us have a person or two or even more around us that we could call energy drainers. There are some people that you would have conversation with but not necessarily negative people but you would know whenever you spend time with them if you are aware of it, you will see that you feel less powerful, you feel less energized, so the idea here is to minimize this type of relationship or interaction. I am not saying you push away those people away from your life. What I am trying to say is that sometimes it is people that we care. So you will be there for them but you don’t have to spend as much time or push it for much later in the day when your energy is not as it is required to do what it needs to do.

And the last thing, is obviously procrastination. Everything that we need to start doing everything that we started doing but didn’t finish, it is like an energy and subconsciously it drains us. It could be one thing. It could be 5 things. It could be 10 things or many things. If we didn’t finish bunch of things and in the back of our mind we go, I will get back later; that I will do tomorrow and when we constantly push it off, we are waiting basically for a crisis. Before it becomes a crisis, it is draining us over and over and over and you feel powerless. You get easily distracted. You cannot focus on one thing and finish what you constantly being thrown from side to side. I got to do this. I got to do that. So you never really present to do what you need to do to finish it all the way. You being thrown all over the place. So put closure to things. If you don’t need to finish them, closure, goodbye, I will not deal with this again. So the lesser thing we have to deal with more energy we save which could be used to what is required in a day.



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