Invest in Yourself

In this video, I want to talk about the importance of investing, investing in yourself. A lot of us just go through life. Initially, we would acquire some kind of skill and we would go to work or start a business, we are excited, discovering new things, working the plan and time goes by, the excitement, everything just cools off and we just move through the routine over and over and over and eventually hitting some kind of plateau and maybe when decline in seeing the growth.

So what I like everyone to do is actually invest in yourself. I will give you an example. Let us say somebody who never use the computer and he only learned how to check the email and maybe browse somewhere. Can this person come and say, you know what? I take full potential. I take from the computer everything that it could possibly give me. Obviously, that person cannot do it. All he does is checking email and browsing some web.

Programmers for example would appreciate the computers much more, so much more they can do it. I am not inviting you to become a programmer but what I am trying to say is you need to step up and actually learn a little more about the computers to get maximum from it. The same thing goes for example, I will give another one, with a tree.

The tree gives fruits. Let us say orange tree. If we don’t nourish the fruits, the fruits would come out pale and maybe not sweet and not as juicy as they should have been. So instead of trying to figure out why the fruits are not giving you what they should, focus on the roots. If you would nourish the roots, the fruits automatically will be wanting it to be.

So everything else in life is the same way. Invest in yourself. The more you can produce the value, the more you can give. The more you can give, the better results you will see. The better results you will see, the more confident you would become and you would give more. You will see more results. And it will give you more confidence and it never ends. It actually becomes bigger, bigger, bigger and bigger. As time would go by, you would not even realize how you got what you got.