Know Where You Are!

In today’s video, I want to discuss something extremely important for us to know in order for us to get to the next level in life.

Did you know there’s two images to each person? There’s image above, and there’s image below. In one of my first videos, I discuss the subject of where we’re going. I’ll actually provide a link in the description of this video. The image above is where we’re heading, our potential. Image below is where we are right now. It’s extremely important to know where we are because if we don’t know where we are, we can never get to where we need to go.

The famous example would be GPS. Let’s say you’re trying to get to my place, and I’ll give you the address. There’s no way you can locate my address if you don’t know where you are located. GPS needs to know where your current location is.

There’s a quote I heard from Harv Eker that always talks to me. He said that “People, the way they are, it’s not because they want to. It’s because they don’t know how else to be.” So the current mindset and current thoughts, all the habits, the comfort zone that we set for ourselves is driving our life. So in order for us to change it, we need to change something, and one of those first steps is to identify, where am I.

There’s another quote of one of my teachers. He always mentions that, and I love it. He said, “There’s three types of people: One, who makes it happen; two, who sees it happen; and three, doesn’t know that it’s happening.” So we always need to ask ourselves, “Where am I? Which person am I?” and in different aspects of life. Somewhere where we’re good, we could be making it happen. Somewhere where we’re not so sure, we see it happen, but we don’t really take action. And in some areas of life, we don’t even know that it’s happening.

So the mission is to go, identify where we are, what needs to be changed, and actually make a decision to start changing things.