Knowledge is Power!

Today, I want to discuss a topic: Knowledge is power.

Growing up, I heard this so many times. I was told, “Study. Knowledge is power. Learn. Knowledge is power.” So the question is, is it really power? If you think about it, knowledge is not really power. Use of knowledge is power.

How many times we see contradictions in life? For example, you see lung surgeons at their lunch break go out for a smoke. Doesn’t make sense. Why would you smoke if you just performed a surgery on lungs and you know the significance of smoking and it just shows you that they know, but they don’t really know because when you really know something, you would do it.

So a lot of us can come and talk theory, how it should be done, what should be done, when it should be done, but do we really do it?

I heard something in the name of Paul Harvey. Radio commentator said that 85 percent of success is just to show up. The question is, what about the rest of the 15 percent? How do you follow through and guarantee 100 percent of success?

In this example, when I was told, they brought it into five percent increments. So to get additional five percent for the guarantee which will bring it to 90 percent is to show up and show up on time. Additional five percent, show up on time and with a plan. To have 100 percent success guarantee, somebody needs to show up on time, with a plan, and actually execute the plan. Once we execute it, that closes the deal.

So we can all talk. We all can discuss and present ourselves knowledgeable and smart, but if things don’t get done, nothing will be happening.