It’s been said again and again that people can do whatever they put their minds to

That the world is theirs to conquer

On the surface this sounds great

It puts us in the right frame of mind to follow our dreams…to become what we want to become

But then something happens…the reality of life sets in

Obstacles seem a lot different when they become real…when they’re staring us directly in the face…when we can reach out and touch them

That easy path to success that was in our heads suddenly disappears…and challenges becomes reasons to give up and redirect our focus to something else

We want to move on to an easier feat…

We want a road that contains no hills, a path with no turns…we want what has no opposition

But what if I were to tell you the only restrictions in your life are the ones you put in front of youself?

What if you came to realize that everything in your life that told you “no” was imaginary

That it was only life itself standing before you, and rather than accept it, and mold it into your own story…rather than benefit from it…you ran from it

You transformed a meaningless event into an enemy…a monster….creating the very reason you won’t succeed at your job, at the gym, or whatever you are working on in your life

You are your best ally…but you can also be your own worst enemy…and self-created limits are a clear indicator of this

There are two ways to look at an obstacle in your life…

As something that will make you stronger, or as opposition fighting for your demise

The funny thing is, it can always be either one

Your limitations can just as easily contribute to your victory

It’s all a matter of how you choose to look at what is around you

That simple understanding is often the difference between running away, and creating something valuable

Human beings have, for many centuries, done what was thought to be impossible

They took the things that were off limits and unheard of and made them into the greatest gifts in our world

They created their own expectations

They tore down limits that stood in their way…limits that were created by human beings just like them, by the way

Never fall victim to the idea that the road others have walked before you is your template

The very nature of progress is to take the accomplishments of others and expand upon them, not be held captive by them

Tuesday cannot exist without Monday, but at the same time, it isn’t confined to Monday’s realities.

It is it’s own entity.

Just like you are your own person.

You write the rules.

You are the decider of fate.

The world around you will comply.

It always has, and always will.