Number One Requirement for Success

Before making this video, I was thinking about the topic for this video, and what came to my mind is a boxing match that was set up to raise some money for charity between Mitt Romney and Evander Holyfield. They did pretty good. They raised a million bucks, but this is not what I tried to emphasize in this video. What I tried to bring to your attention now is Evander Holyfield, who is a trained boxer, ex champion, retired, fighting Mitt Romney, who never had to do anything with professional boxing. Now, if they would fight for real, one punch of Evander Holyfield can knock out Mitt Romney. Obviously, that didn’t happen. It was a friendly fight. It was more of entertainment. But why am I bringing this point to you?

A lot of us, as mentioned in previous videos, want to achieve success and we’re all waiting for this big opportunity and we’re all willing to face it, but will we succeed when this opportunity comes? They say the success is I heard a quote, “Success is opportunity meets preparation.” When they two meet, there’s a potential for success. If opportunity shows up and we’re not ready, we don’t even see it. We don’t even grab it. We don’t even try to attempt it. And even if we will, we would fail.

Another good example would be imagine somebody’s going for black belt, and they’re at the test.
They’re trying to perform a form. They did very good for a black belt, but there’s a difference between two fighters. One never did anything with martial arts. He just prepared for this black belt, and the other one actually trained for few years starting from white and built himself up all the way to the black belt. Now you take those two fighters to fight, the one that didn’t prepare doesn’t have the endurance that the one that prepared, so obviously we know who’s going to win.

So the same thing with us. In order for us to face the opportunity, we need to be ready, and to get ready is a process and we need to prepare. For example, you can’t just say, “You know what, I’m going to buy a house.” To buy a house, there’s a preparation that needs to be made. There’s different components in order to buy a house. Obviously, all of you know there’s a down payment, there’s mortgage, there’s monthly payments, there’s income tax, there’s a credit score. So when we show up, we need to make sure that we’re prepared. Is our credit score high enough? What about our couple of years of tax returns? Are they there to meet the requirements? Now, do we have the down payment? And if we do, will we be approved to get the mortgage? Now that we got the mortgage, will we be able to maintain those payments? So all these processes, in order for them to work in harmony, we need to be ready.

So it all starts obviously with us, from within. And, obviously, one of the first things that we should do is take care of the body. I don’t mean to worship the body, but taking care of the body is extremely important for any success. Who needs money when we’re not healthy? A lot of people achieve success and they make money, good money, but they cannot enjoy it because now they’re using all this money to treat the sickness that they got to acquire the money. I mean because of sleepless nights and aggravation and constant stress, never being there with the family, and having a really miserable life, but they’re rich, but who cares.

So obviously going back, we need to start with the body. I’ll share what I do, and I learned it from my teachers, different resources. I tried different approaches. Not all of them worked for me. Not all of them talking to me. What I’m doing now for the last year is really really works very well for me.

So first thing you wake up in the morning, obviously you need to hydrate your body. You got to get some water. Forget the coffee. Forget the soft drinks. Nothing. Water. And throughout the day, you need to drink water. I drink at least one gallon a day. That keeps my body hydrated.

Next thing you do first thing in the morning, obviously, some kind of exercise, whether it’s stretching, could be going for a walk, running, or going to a gym. One of those needs to be done. Why? Because besides hydration, you also oxygenize your body, and when your body is hydrated and oxygenized, the blood flow goes well. Your brain gets oxygen. Obviously, it’s important for it to think because we need to think straight.

Once we do that, next thing is actually go in and nourish your brain now with proper information. So first thing in the morning, we want to make sure we’re putting into our mind proper things. Don’t respond to e mails. Don’t set yourself into response mode and respond to the world’s problems. Make sure first you take care of you, your things. Plan your day. Intention, extremely important for the day.

Example brought by one of the coaches, Brendon Burchard. I really like this example. He said, why is it when a couple goes for a date, they could have an exciting time, the best time ever, and when husband and wife go for a date, they could have a fight? There’s a difference between two situations. Even though both of them are going for a dinner to the same place, ordering the same thing, one couple has intention to have the best time and impress the other party, and the other couple is just going there to have a dinner and obviously they’re bringing other issues with them.

So if we don’t set intention for the day, we’ll just go cruising through the day. We’re not going to be as productive. We don’t even realize how the day is over.

Another thing is extremely important why we need to set intention and get some kind of information that makes us better, especially in personal development. Think of this example. There’s a garden. This garden is full of fruit trees, flowers. Everything is blossoming. Everything is beautiful. So out of nowhere, somebody shows up and starts to spill toxic waste all over and destroys the whole garden. Obviously, we would not be happy. Now, our mind is exactly that. Our mind is the garden. It needs to blossom, so we get hydrated, we get oxygenized, we nourish it with the proper information. We need to make sure we keep things positive. Don’t introduce all the garbage: The news of the world, which is always negative; gossip from friends. Do everything you can to push it away.

Now, the next step is actually breakfast. When you have breakfast, lunch, and dinner, you want to make sure you have proper portions, most nutritious food. Introduce a lot of superfoods, like chia seeds, avocados, nuts, all kinds of berries.

There’s another thing I actually follow that’s really helping me. It’s counting macros. It’s making sure that you’re in sync with your carbs, with your fats, and with your protein. If anybody wants to know more about this, just post it in the comments below, and I’ll provide you the resources that I use for that, the apps that I use for tracking. Once it becomes your second nature, it becomes really easy, and you become so in control of what you consume. You know exactly how many calories and what is there that you need or you don’t need, and if needed, you bring it in. If not, you push it away.

So once you do that, we need to make sure also now that we exercise, and daily, preferably. If not, at least 4 5 times a week. So Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays could be a workout. I personally like calisthenics, my wife likes crossfit, and other people just like to go to the gym and follow their routine. That’s fine, too. Now Tuesdays and Thursdays, at least twice a week, needs to be dedicated to cardio, to stretching, like yoga, or anything else out there, like biking, bike riding. Now, Saturday and Sunday, it’s basically rest days. You can take a walk into the park or whatever you want to do, outdoor preferably, of course.
Now, extremely important is your sleep. The sleep is what keeps the body rejuvenated. There’s a reason why we sleep every night. A lot of people, including me back then, I used to like to stay up at night and do whatever I wanted to do because there’s nobody bothering me. There’s no phone calls. Kids are asleep. There’s no distractions. You can focus and you do things. But then lack of sleep brings problems with that. Lack of sleep, you cannot stay focused. You cannot stay focused, your whole day gets ruined. And then you don’t feel energized. You get aggravated quickly. You don’t have patience to succeed in anything.

Extremely important, your health also. If there’s anything in your body that bothers, don’t ignore it. A lot of us, especially men, actually women too I cannot stereotype. We push it away. We don’t want to see a doctor. We’re afraid to see a doctor. If you have a problem with teeth, go take care of it. You have a problem with anything else in the body, go take care of it. You need to make sure that nothing in your body bothers you.

Just stand one day. Take a moment. Relax. Close your eyes, and feel your body. See if anything bothers you. Any ache, anything suspicious, go try to figure out what it is, why is it, how can you make sure that it’s healed. Not necessarily through a doctor. You can always use your resources. For example, if somebody has a back pain, obviously you need to exercise, go through some therapy.

Now, the next thing, of course, is our mindset. Mindset. Once we follow all this, it’s very easy to focus. We can actually commit to bigger things after that because now your body is there to support you. Again, it’s oxygenized, it’s nourished, it’s full of energy. You get to be enthusiastic. You can go out there and do things with the proper energy to achieve whatever you need to achieve.

Obviously, more to come in the future videos, but that would be a good start for anybody. Start with your body. Get yourself to the point where you can think straight. Once you can think straight, you can focus on what needs to be done, be productive, and obviously that will bring your results.



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