In this video, I want to talk about practicing what you learn. Fifteen, twenty years ago, you would not find reading different material about different subjects. I was mostly focused on programming since I was a web developer and the only subject that interested me was programming.

So I had all kinds of books in programming and experimenting things. Only ten, fifteen years ago when I came across spirituality, I started to broaden my view on things and started to actually read other stuff and that’s when I discovered audio books and from there it went on.

But when I found that as time went by, I never implemented everything that I learned. And, if you would be true to yourself, I believe everyone falls into the same trap when we learn; it’s like climbing a mountain. Once you climb to the top, you will realize that there’s another mountain, and there’s another mountain. It never ends.

So when we learned something, we do not necessarily bring it down and implement it and start practicing it. There was a knowledge I want to bring about the teacher who split his group into two parts. He was into ceramics. They were making pots.

So he said that group A will be graded based on the quantity that it would produce. For example, if they would get fifty pounds the way of the pots, then they would get an A, forty pounds they would get B, and so on. And the other group, he said that they would be graded strictly on quality, but they don’t need to produce many pots. They would have to produce one perfect pot.

As time went by, each group was busy. One was producing one pot after another. The second group was researching they’re all kinds of theories, what would it take to make the best pot out there.

When the time came to get the results, what was found is actually best quality pots were done by the group that one after quantity and the one that was looking for theory, the pot did not meet the requirements. So what was the difference?

A lot of times we wait for that perfection. I was on the same shoes until I got myself a coach; that we don’t need to wait until it’s perfect. Just go for it and would actually, they say that everything we see we remember; everything we hear, we forget; everything we do, we understand.

So unless we start doing, it’s very hard to reach that perfection. So a lot of us actually wait. I’m going to wait until I’m ready. I’m going to wait until I’m ready. Even now taking this video, I don’t believe I’m ready, but I’m doing it anyway, so that I will get better and better.

And the same way it goes for everything. It goes for parenting, for job, for your spirituality, for your intellectual pursuits. So what I invite for you to do basically from this lesson is actually dive in when you learn a concept, don’t go forward. Don’t discover more things. It actually leads to procrastination.

Because of that, you want to say to yourself, “Oh, you know what, this is nice if I find more about it.” And when you find this subject, let me find about it more about that. Stop that. Don’t learn further. Just stop. If you learned something and it actually touched you, start implementing. Implement it; once it’s yours, you got it. Now, you can go and learn more things. You will actually realize how much more ground you can cover and more things you will understand in life.



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