The Power of Now

In this video, I want to talk about of “The Power of Now.”

I want to start with a little story. This person committed some kind of crime, he was in jail. And after years of good behavior, the administration gave him an opportunity to go once a year to his house and visit his relatives. So he gets 24 hours outside of jail once a year. He was debating what day he should pick, so he wrote a letter to his spiritual leader and asked them, “You know, as a religious person I’m trying to choose appropriate holidays to spend with my family, and all of them seems important I don’t know which one to pick. Can you assist me?”

The answer that he got back from his spiritual leader is that, “Can you get out today? Get out now.”

So basically, do not procrastinate. We don’t know if tomorrow will ever come. We always push things tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow, and it never happens. So with this video I want to actually make something clear that recently, I did that for myself and it helped me tremendously. I’m actually on a roll now, very excited, getting closer, closer to achieving what I was after. Basically, you need to set or choose 1 goal, not 10, 20 goals, because we don’t know how to focus. Just choose something one, and go after it. Break it down into small tasks as much as possible and then, don’t do it alone. Actually, get yourself someone to help you. Like my teacher said, “Pride is for losers.” Somebody who wants to do it by themselves is basically you creating extra, unnecessary time to achieve your goal and creating possibility of never achieving it, just because of the ego and you wanting to do it yourself. Look at all the successful people out there – all the successful businesses, they all have somebody, some kind of resource teams. They have coaches, they have consultants – so do the same. Get basically accountability partner, get personal coach, if it’s your buddy. In business again there’s coaches, consultants, mentors. Get assistance because if you have somebody, you will already feel more obligated and most likely you will follow through all the tasks, and just execute them and get to your goal much faster.