In this video, I want to share with you something, something amazing that actually got me thinking, and it’s fascinating, and as always, I wanted to share with you.

You know how we learn from all kinds of creatures out there. For example, we look at ants and we see how hardworking they are. We can look at the dog and be amazed how loyal it is to its owner. So I heard something about lobsters this week that got me excited, and here I am making a video about it.

Lobsters, they have a shell, and I never knew, I never even gave a thought that that shell actually never grows. So what happens? The shell is there. Lobster grows into it, and eventually, he becomes not comfortable. It’s too tight in there. So what does he do? The lobster goes and hides behind the rocks so the predators would not get it and actually gets rid of that shell and stays there until he produces a new shell that’s more comfortable. And as time goes by, he outgrows that shell too, becomes not comfortable, goes behind the stones again, and does the same routine over and over and over.

So, how can we actually apply it to our life? If you think about it, a lot of times in life, we are not comfortable, and instead of complaining or not knowing what to do and ask for help, instead actually go and get rid of that shell. Basically, search for new opportunity. Try to figure out why this is happening to you, why you are in discomfort. Every discomfort actually is an opportunity for growth, so if we actually be aware of it and actually think about it, we have a choice to actually make amendments in our lifestyle and actually enjoy it until it’s going to be not comfortable again, and we would follow through the same routine over and over. We’re actually doing it, but all on a subconscious level.

That’s the lesson for today.



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