What do you want to be remembered for?

What happen to us?

We are so stuck on what we need.
Stuck on chasing money, fame, honor.

Ask yourself:
“What am I needed for?”
“What is my purpose in this world?”

Is it really a chase for material abundance?
Is it fame?

We get lost in the process of grinding every day.
Why? Where are we going in life? What do we want to be remembered for?

Will material abundance give us full sense of completion?

Think about:
What is the greatest thing you can achieve in this life?

I’ll tell you.
I strongly believe that the impact you have on people is the greatest thing you can ever achieve.

People don’t really care and won’t even remember what you acquired.
People won’t even remember your name.
But they will remember the action you took.

We all look for that someone special who made it.
To give us hope, to give us belief that we can do it, too.

Listen to what I have to say and try follow.

It’s time to change.
Do not give up on you dreams.
Decide to make a difference.
It takes only a moment to decide and everything will shift

Wake up early.
Start your day by asking yourself: What am I needed for?
Push yourself to do whatever it takes.
Your belief with fuel your actions.

There will be opposing force to stop you.
And the biggest opposition you will have to face is you yourself.
There will be a war and you will fight.
You will fight you!
And guess what?
You might get hurt but you will fight your way to success.

Aren’t tired of being a victim?
Aren’t you tired of others telling you what you can or cannot do?
What goals you can or cannot achieve?
Telling you that your dreams are unattainable?

I am sure you are tired of hearing all that.
That’s why you will make a change today.
Today you will start to fight back.

You will fight your way through this.

For what you believe in.

This is what greatness is all about:
No one expects you to make it but you will go and do it anyway.
You do what others shy away from.
You can do it.
Today is the day to do it.
Today and the rest of the days.

Guarantee victory for yourself.
Be prepared and create a game plan.

Just commit yourself to make it and don’t hold back.
Show no weakness, no pain.

Let others look at your success and conclude that they can do it, too.
They will follow your footsteps.
Just take one step forward.
Nothing can stop you.

Sacrifice for your future.
Push yourself!
Do whatever it takes.
Do it with pride.
Do it with the best of your ability,
And success will follow you like a shadow.

It will happen.
Just follow through.
Get the job done.

Be persistent.

Never give up.