In today’s video, I want to share with you something very emotional. A story that actually got me. A lot of you know that I am a father of 6 kids. And there was a time when I used to work a lot of hours and kind of neglect the time that I would use and dedicate to my kids. Obviously, now things changed and everything is much better. I wanted to share with you what made an initial shift.

Somebody told me a story about a father who just came home. And his little kid, age 5 or so, comes up to father and ask him, “How much do we make an hour?” Father obviously had a rough day at work says, “What is this son? Since when you ask this type of questions? It is not a nice thing to ask, go away. “

So then he realized that maybe I was too rough with the kids. He actually says, you know what son? I make 30 dollars an hour. And the son is excited, wow! Dad you have 30 dollars an hour, maybe you can share 10 bucks with me. His father got upset. Is that why you asked me how much I earn an hour or I have time for these type of things? This is not I work so hard and come home and then you basically take money from me and spend on stuff. Go to your room.

So he sent his son to his room and after some time, he comes down and actually says, you know what? I didn’t ask my son why he needed the money. So as he goes to the room, opens the door, and asked his son if he is asleep. The son says no. And he says, by the way son, why did you need the money? Here it is. And he gives him 10 bucks.

So the son takes 10 dollars, excited, goes on his pillow, pulls out more money. When father saw money, he said, wait a second, he already have money, why did you ask me for money? And the son was counting all his money and there was 30 dollars. And he says, Father I have 30 dollars that I want to give you, please come back from work tomorrow a little earlier so you can spend an hour with me. Here is 30 dollars.

So when the father heard that, obviously, he was crushed. He was shocked. He didn’t see it coming. And obviously, from there, life change, he became more aware and actually adjusted. Same happened with me, basically. I was working crazy hours day and night. There was no time to stop. Next thing I realize, my kid is 8 years old. The oldest one.

That is when I stared to make shift and actually try to look for new opportunities that actually adjusted my lifestyle where I didn’t have to work at night. I didn’t have to work so many hours and actually, instead of working so hard, we started to work smart.

So thank God everything worked out. I wish every father out there as my teacher says, always, no one on his dying bed ask for another hour in the office. Everybody wants to spend with their family. So we might as well start now. Start to value what we have.



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